Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC is a great place to take your pup for some fun and adventure. From the sunny beaches of Sullivan’s Island to the historic downtown district – there are plenty of places where you and your four-legged friend can explore together. Here are just a few dog friendly spots in Charleston that will make sure you both have an enjoyable time:

  1. Dog Beaches – Folly Beach, Isle Of Palms County Park & Kiawah Island all offer stunning beach views, perfect for playing with your pup off leash! All three locations require dogs be on leashes when not swimming or walking along designated pathways so please remember to bring one with you.
  2. Parks – Hampton Park provides acres upon acres of open space complete with gardens, trails and even its own lake—perfect for running around freely without worry about getting into trouble! Marion Square offers green grassy areas as well as shady trees which makes it great during hot summer days while White Point Garden has breathtaking harbor views plus lots more room than most city parks allow pets in; making them ideal choices if looking somewhere less busy but still beautiful enough enjoy yourself too!
  3. Shopping Centers – The Citadel Mall allows pooches inside their premises (as long they’re kept under control at all times). There isn’t much here specifically designed towards animals however this is definitely worth checking out because many stores do carry items like pet food/treats etc., giving owners something else besides window shopping available options such pawfect day trip destination spot!
  4. Restaurants – While no eating establishments actually let pups dine indoors alongside humans fortunately quite a number do provide outdoor seating spaces reserved exclusively furriendly customers who want nothing more than share mealtime experiences deliciously crafted dishes from local eateries…check out Bowens Island Restaurant , Prohibition Kitchen + Barbecue Joint , Ristorante LIDI or Queen Street Grocery among others these popular hotspots offering al fresco dining opportunities guaranteed satisfy tummies everyone involved including those waggiest tails belonging our beloved companions course don’t forget grab ice cream cone after taking walk down nearby Rainbow Row since what better way cool off?